With children and their families at its heart, Hijack’s purpose is to inspire, challenge and surprise audiences through a range of unique, cultural experiences.


These values underpin how we do this:



To collaborate with artists and makers who have proven experience in developing cutting edge work in a local, national and/or international context. To provide an opportunity for artists to embrace and challenge this audience through new work.



To embrace the inquisitive nature of children with participatory activities or ones which introduce new ideas and innovative ways of looking at their world.



To hijack spaces (venues, outdoor locations and public buildings) to provide this audience with opportunities to re-imagine and explore their city.



A Potted History


Hijack was initiated after a successful Brighton and Hove Children’s Festival 2012 which Komedia Productions co-produced with Brighton and Hove City Council and Brighton & Hove Arts Commission. Brighton and Hove Children’s Festival has taken place every other April since 2005 and has reached a combined audience of 10,000 over its 5 years.


We presented two festivals in Brighton and Hove in 2013 and 2014, both bursting with innovative and exciting events. We have hijacked venues, libraries, a public square and a woodland park with fantastic artists making comedy, music, theatre, dance performances and others who use technology and metal in their hands-on workshops. Children have made wishes for their city and dens in the woods, launched rockets, discovered jazz and met a stunt-man, dinosaurs and a spaceship called Futertron!


Hijack is lead by independent producer Emily Coleman and Lucy Jeffries from Quiet Down There  on behalf of Komedia Productions, the charitable organisation of Komedia Ltd. Maddy Wilson was Assistant Producer for the 2013 and 2014 festivals.



Partners and Friends


Hijack Children’s Festivals is supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Brighton and Hove City Council.



Brighton’s premier live entertainment venue presents one of the largest, most diverse arts and entertainment programmes in the UK. Every year the venue host around 700 performances of comedy, music, cabaret and kids shows. They are also home to several of Brighton’s most popular club nights.

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